Unicorn Hot Pants

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Size 12 Adult Metallic Lycra Hot Pants with Rainbow and Unicorn design. Availiable at 'Skates' Cowick Street Exeter

Where and how is it used?

They can be worn by anyone who enjoys Roller Skating or wearing Hot Pants

What did you or someone else pay for it?


Why do you want to add it to the museum?

The design is based on the personality of the SWAT Roller Derby team member 'Flash Bo Dash' they are some of our best selling items

How was it made?

Is made in a factory

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Is mass-produced

Is produced by local cottage industry

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Is craft / hand-made

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Is found

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Is a service

Materials & Making

Who made or produced your commodity?

hand made by 'Dude where's my pants'

Who was paid to make it?

staff at 'Dude wheres my pants'

What skills does it take to make it?

needlework, fashion design, textiles

Where was it made?


What does it cost to make it?

Not answered yet

What is it made from?

1. Lycra:

Buying & Owning

Who decides how much it costs?

Not answered yet

Who or what assesses its quality?

Not answered yet

Where is it sold?

Skates shop cowick street Exeter

Who or what sells it?

Skates shop cowick street

How did this thing arrive from where it was made to where you got it?

Not answered yet

Where is it used?

Roller Derby

Where is it kept?

in the shop, in someone's house,

How and by whom is it cared for?

the person who wears them

How long will it last?

Not answered yet

Where will it go when it's finished with?

Not answered yet

What is it worth?

Not answered yet

How do you and others value this commodity?

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Total times valued4
Positive (↑)Identity
Negative (↓)Convenience
Overall Positive526
Overall Negative-68
Controversy61.5 (0 = most controversial)

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Questions and answers

Help to reveal unknown quantities, properties and uses of this commodity by answering this MoCC curator's questions.

Question: What would be your own personal Hot Pant design?


Hello my name is Lizzie, I’m your commodity consultant for today.

Wow, these hot pants are the pinnacle of all a good pair of hot pants should be.

I've been doing some research and this is what I've found,

Firstly, I've found a song called I Won't Take A Chance/ She Wore The Coolest Hot Pants by Billy Vance you should check out next time you wear your hot pants, here is the link -http://www.45cat.com/record/452585452586

I'm not sure your rainbow unicorn hot pants can be beaten however, I might design mine to be knitted, they might keep me warmer! I think probably purple with neon yellow trim and maybe some bells, to add to the groove. I have found a link to a vintage 70s knit your own hot pants pattern if you fancy giving it ago? Here is the link - https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/207869339020707381/

Also your hot pants look vintage, are they? here's a link to check out some 1960s and 1970s hot pants photographs if you are interested -http://www.vintag.es/2014/09/hotpants-of-1960s-70s.html

On a more general note I've found out that most 1970s hot pants were made of polyester (http://www.retrowaste.com/1970s/fashion-in-the-1970s/). Here is a bit more information about the history of polyester if you are interested - http://www.whatispolyester.com/history.html and http://www.madehow.com/Volume-2/Polyester.html

Your rainbow unicorn hot pants have really got me intrigued,
Do you know who made these? Did you make them?
What material are they?
I feel they must have some good stories to tell,

Thank you for your excellent question,


by MoCCconsultantLizzie on May 21st at 9:57am


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Do these hot pants give you super powers if you wear them?

by jakeelwes on August 25th at 10:36am

Is Lycra sweaty & is it bad for the environment?

by jakeelwes on August 25th at 10:37am

How can I get my hair to look as good as that unicorn's?!

by LizzieH on August 31st at 9:09pm

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