Museum of Contemporary Commodities Collection

MoCC is neither a building nor a permanent collection of stuff – it’s an invitation. To consider every shop, online store and warehouse full of stuff as if it were a museum, and all the things in it part of our collective future heritage. To create a different kind of imaginary, a new conversation, to ask or answer questions and consider the values we associate with the things and stuff that help to make us who we are, and to shape the places in which we live.

Become one of this museums curators. Add something to our online collection that you think is important, interesting or essential. Something that we can learn from or talk about. Maybe it's something that's part of your daily life? Something throwaway or irreplaceable. Something made specifically for you, or that you share with someone else. Something that was a gift or that you collect. A commodity that's alive, something that's been stolen or lost, something intangible? Why is it important? How do you feel about it?

By adding something to MoCC you are engaging in a data collection and processing exercise that is also an experiment in collective re-valuing. Our use and interpretation of the information in this database will be different from those of online retailers and direct marketing companies. We will not monetize it or use it to predict and manipulate your behaviour. However we will process this data using algorithms which have been written, like all algorithms, to interpret and present information with a specific agenda. How does knowing this affect your experience of the Museum? How does data collection and processing more widely affect our choices and limitations as well as those of other people?

Values & Data

These are aggregate values that have been assigned to all the commodities in our collection so far. The cateogories have been derived from an ongoing research process including events, workshops, interviews and collaborative art works. These value cateogories are not intended to be exhaustive or permanent but, like our own personal value systems, are an evolving collaboration and conversation. You can suggest new values when you add something to the museum. The scores change with each act of valuing.