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Just wondering, does anyone else out there have a potentially strange emotional connection to any kind of laboratory equipment?


What a brilliant question! I’m Lizzie and I’ll be your Commodity Consultant for today,

This is definitely a question for my mum, a science technician for over ten years she certainly has her opinions about laboratory equipment! I’ve just got off the phone to her and she knew her answers straight away! Her favourite piece of lab equipment is an
Autoclave, mainly for the accuracy it provides, it sterilises equipment to exactly 120 degrees for the 5 minutes she needs for it be to be sterile and it also means that she can be sure that everything she does is safe. The autoclave was an expensive piece of equipment and before she had to use a pressure cooker which was much harder work and she worried about its safety. Mum also had a least favourite piece of equipment – glass pipettes! Each class has a set of about 24 and she said that her heart fills with dread when she knows she has to clean each pipette with distilled water four times and she knows it will take TWO hours!

In addition to what mum said I’d like to add that she has a particular affinity for the classroom’s chinchilla, although it depends on what you call ‘laboratory equipment’. Every holiday the chinchilla comes home with mum as she worries it will get lonely at work!

As for me, my favourite piece of laboratory equipment is a lab coat after many Halloweens’ borrowing my mum’s!

What about everyone else?!

Thanks for the great question!


by LizzieH on August 26th at 8:23pm
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