What might be an appropriate event at which to wear my Suma-man badge today, given that I no longer work in industrial detergents?


@kez I'd love to see a picture of that leopard jacket. I don't have anything quite as fancy but do own a nifty moss green jacket. But it only gets worn occasionally. Perhaps Suma-man should adorn my t-shirt of the day?

by mstanifo on August 27th at 4:13pm

If I had a badge like this i would wear it everyday, probably pinned to a jacket. I think it would look particularly good on my favorite leopard jacket. Do you have a favorite jacket you could wear him pinned to perhaps?

by kez on August 27th at 10:16am

@Becky - great idea - I'll wear him again next weekend at Art Week Exeter's Car Boot Sale

by morth on May 8th at 6:01pm

I did give you a really nice long answer...but it seems to have disapeared! :(

by beckylouise on May 7th at 11:19am

I think with badges and pins like this, they almost become classical. You sometimes see young people wearing pins like this on the straps of their bags, on the pockets of jackets or backpacks. They almost become timeless; a collectable. Something that you dont need to neccessarily know where it has come from, they can become something new and different to what they were. The fact that you used to wear him for work, maybe on a smart jacket, and KNOW his story and where he has come from, does not mean that you could not make him into something new. I think you could where him anywhere! Maybe mix him with some new friends!

by Becky on May 7th at 9:25am
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