Sports Direct Playing Cards

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Where were these cards manufactured? Were they originally free merchandise or always for sale?


Oh these true table-top legends! Their blue and red shiney-ness brings back all sorts of memories to a time when the enormous sports direct mugs were owned by what seemed every household (where did they even come from?!).

It appears that these iconic cards have always been purchased at Sports Direct- there was no evidence they were ever originally free merchandise. Rather, they’ve been branded as the ‘cheapest purchase’ in sports direct. After all, who can resist sliding these glorious 70p sports-emblemed specimens into their basket when mingling round the tills? For the price, they’re described as a ‘bargain’, though it has been noted that on various card-gaming sites, that in-fact, the 2 packs for £1 cards from poundland equally do the trick.

As to where the cards are manufactured, I’m unable to currently give you anything other than a less than helpful manufacturer number- 9097320. I’ll pop into sports direct on my way to work next week and will have a look at the packets to see whether they offer any more ‘made in’ info to feed back to you. However, with Sports Direct’s sketchy ethical history, I’m not expecting much- though am hoping they prove me wrong!

Additional fascinating info on the production on a pack of cards can be found here-

Hope this helps! Gabrielle

by MoCCconsultantGabrielle on August 25th at 2:41pm
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