Rezel Pomade Hair Grease

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what hair style would you create with this commodity?


Hello, my name's Gabrielle and I'm your commodity consultant for today.

Oo what an interesting question- it's really got me thinking on something that I had no idea about!

I’m not sure that using hair wax on my very scraggly plaited hair is going to be a look that’d catch on, but according to ‘Mens Fitness’, this slicked back undercut hairstyle is the height of 2016 fashion (see images here- . It gives off a casual, chilled summer look, giving off the impression that the wearer has just emerged windswept from the ocean or swimming pool! You can give it a try following this tutorial-! So I'd probably choose that one!

The pomade wax that you’ve got was also hugely popular in 1920’s for a Grease-style sleeked back look (see here for more information- It was traditionally oil based (as your tin is), but in the 2000’s there was also an upsurge in newer-based pomades giving a really high shine but without the greasy clumping together which was a consequence of the oil-based ones. So you’ve got loads of options for re-living the barber experience!

by MoCCconsultantGabrielle on May 21st at 2:42pm
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