What is the meaning of a pom pom?


Pompom, as we understand it today, derives from the French term ‘pom-pon’ in the mid 18th century, a term describing a bunch of ribbons, feathers, material worn by women, typically on a dress or in their hair. This captivating ball has gathered attention as part of traditional regal, military and clergy wear- from the light-blue pom-pom on the hats of Belgian sailors, to the coloured ranks of Roman Catholic clergy.

Today, pom-poms come in two main streams- the ones cheerleaders, rhythmic gymnasts and dancers used, and the smaller colourful pom-poms seen on your bag. Like you say, these small bundles of delightful fabric really have dominated the market. According to ‘Fashion.net’, we’re instructed to “pom-pom everything”- just like the urgency of purchase you mention above. Your choice is clearly on trend!

They might look like something out of a craft box, but this is apparently the intention. I’ve got to admit- these fun additions really do make me smile and I can see my red pom-pom scarf on the back of my door.

It turns out there’s… um… lots of other… um… definitions of pom-pom too… Urban dictionary might be a good place to start if you wanted to explore this avenue. Not sure it’s quite something to share here though- I’d much prefer to think of pom-poms as colourfully crafted fabric bundles! :-)

by MoCCconsultantGabrielle on August 25th at 12:54pm
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