Can you buy a carefree summer day?


Another thought provoking question!

I suppose it depends how you interpret ‘care-free’, and what relaxation means to you- a care free day could be a literal ‘child/dependent care-free day’, which you certainly can buy through summer playschemes, activity camps, child minding, care options. I’m sure this purchase would be ‘care-free’ in all readings of the word- cups of tea could be sipped before they’re cold, and that thing called a book and sofa could be snuggled into! Indeed, a google search of ‘care free summer days’ certainly buys into this child-free market, suggesting local child minders and summer schemes!!

My most recent care free summer day was spent cycling to the seaside, feeling the squishy sand and tenuously dipping my toe into the freezing water. I purchased a bottle of water- a ‘buy’ for a care free day (and to support that pesky thing called hydration!), and thinking more deeply, I used my bike (purchased many years ago), I wore clothes- to the delight of all other Exe Estuary users I’m sure!- which I’d purchased at some point or another. The list goes on. In a way, yes, I suppose I had purchased a carefree summer day- just not in the typical sense.

Lots of work has been done into spending money on experience- the consensus being that it makes us happier (for more details- see here- Perhaps these are the care-free happy summer experiences we should be aiming for.

But what I’d like to see is whether it’s possible to have a free care-free summer day- can one totally devolve themselves from things? Where do we draw the line on what constitutes purchase?

If you've got any ideas please do let me know! Gabrielle

by MoCCconsultantGabrielle on August 25th at 12:39pm
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