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who makes the bicycles that budgie’s ride at the circus?


Hello, my name is Gabrielle and I'll be your commodity consultant for today. Thanks for such a great and challenging question!

First, I found out a bit of background information about budgie's and bikes which was quite interesting and sets the scene nicely!...

Using budgies to ride bikes in circuses is becoming increasingly less common due to lots of ethical regulations. But, they can be trained to do so through using clicker training (clicking and giving a reward at the point at which an animal performs a ‘good’ behaviour- So, when it comes to riding a bike, the bird is rewarded when it gets onto the bike, and for making certain movements that moves the bike forward. This video shows you how they’re trained- and the bikes that are used.

There’s nowhere that I can find through my researching that says specifically where the bikes used in the circuses are from, however the above youtube video shows the birds riding miniature dolls-house and toy bikes, like these ones here…

Both of these bikes are fully functional miniature replicas, light enough for the bird to ride and balance on. If these are the kinds of bikes that the budgies ride, they’re made from aluminium alloy and PVC plastic. These bikes are made by ‘Toymaster’, whose production facilities are in China, although they do not specify what region or where, lacking ethical transparency. Their ethical score reflects this lacking transparency, receiving the worst environmental reporting score simply because no information is available or visible. Check out this website to find out more or research your own familiar product companies… So, who made them… Well according to the ‘shop ethical’ website, ¾ of the world’s toys are made in China in sweatshop style environments, according to ‘Shop Ethical’. Whilst working conditions might have improved, in peak seasons it states that local workers who likely make Toymasters bikes are still subject to poor conditions and up to 80 hour weeks. China, they consider to be a country at very high risk of human rights violations. So combining this with Toymaster’s lacking transparency, we can presume that their potential budgie bikes are made by these workers in such conditions.

What also kept popping up in my researching was the Raleigh bike from the 70’s/80’s called a ‘Budgie’. So, if you wanted to practice a different kind of Budgie Bike with some prolonged handle-bars and a working front break, check this out!!...

Thanks for a great question and sorry for not being able to give you a specific answer to who exactly made the bike. I’ve sent toymaster an email and if I find anything else out, I’ll let you know!

by MoCCconsultantGabrielle on May 21st at 12:15pm
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