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Why do manufacturers use the word ‘craft’ to market their products and is it legitimate for them to do so?



I'm Daisy, a Commodity Consultant, and I've found the following information on use of the word 'craft' or 'artisan' to market products. From what I can tell there is no legal restriction on using the word 'crafted' as long as it is not misleading to the consumer. For example, the term 'hand-crafted' would be contestable if your product isn't hand-made:

Definition of craft:
Noun: An activity involving skill in making things by hand: "the craft of cobbling"
Verb: exercise skill in making (an object), typically by hand: "he crafted the chair lovingly"
Source: Google search: 'definition of craft'

Labels must not be misleading about things like:

quantity or size
the price
what it’s made of
how, where and when it was made
what you say it can do
the people or organisations that endorse it
Source: UK Government: Product labelling: the law https://www.gov.uk/product-labelling-the-law

For food products:
93. If “hand crafted” is used then it should be clear as to which part of the process this refers to if it is not entirely produced by hand. It would not however be against public expectation for a “hand-made” product to be produced within an industrial setting. Source: Food Standards Agency CRITERIA FOR THE USE OF THE TERMS FRESH, PURE, NATURAL ETC IN FOOD LABELLING http://www.food.gov.uk/sites/default/files/multimedia/pdfs/markcritguidance.pdf

June 6, 2011: Panera Bread launches its first major television advertising campaign. Founder Ron Shaich appears in one spot and says of his 1,000-plus location chain, "We wanted a place with soul, we wanted a place that was real. We start with artisan bread, handcrafted by professional bakers using fresh dough. It just tastes better." Cachet or passé? Mom-jean levels of suburban passé.
Source: Grub Street: Hand-Crafted Hype: How ‘Artisan’ Food Became Forever Debased http://www.grubstreet.com/2011/11/artisan-word-downfall.html#

So far as Rakola [the USDA’s organic policy advisor] is aware, there is no standard at all for when people can use the word “artisanal,” even though it evokes an image of small-batch, hand-crafted, superior-quality products. Source: Time: Why Consumers Don’t Trust ‘Organic’ Labels http://time.com/3857799/organic-label-standards-poll/

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