Oak tree

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A big old oak tree.

Where and how is it used?

In a forest. Home to birds, insects and spirits. Shelter for humans and animals. Leaves are food for the earth. Acorns food for little creatures. A climbing frame for children. Comfort for all. Holding the ground together. Eating CO2. Producing oxygen.

What did you or someone else pay for it?


Why do you want to add it to the museum?

Very precious

How was it made?

Is made in a factory

Is farmed

Is mass-produced

Is produced by local cottage industry

Is made to particular specifications

Is craft / hand-made

Is foraged

Is found

Is colonised

Is a service

Materials & Making

Who made or produced your commodity?


Who was paid to make it?

No one. Forester.

What skills does it take to make it?

Patience. Respect. Reverence.

Where was it made?

In the ground.

What does it cost to make it?

Harmony. A willingness to exploit nature.

What is it made from?

1. Life:

Rain. Sun. Soil. Creatures.

Buying & Owning

Who decides how much it costs?

Timber yards

Who or what assesses its quality?

Timber yards. Historians. Naturalists. Lovers of nature.

Where is it sold?

Garden centres. Furniture shops

Who or what sells it?

Capitalists. Profiteers. Artisans.

How did this thing arrive from where it was made to where you got it?

It was there when I arrived.

Where is it used?

In the woods. In the home. Everywhere.

Where is it kept?


How and by whom is it cared for?


How long will it last?

10 years or a thousand.

Where will it go when it's finished with?

Back into the earth.

What is it worth?

The planet.

How do you and others value this commodity?

See the values contributed by visitors and those of the donor. And add your own values to this commodity.

Total times valued1
Positive (↑)Beauty
Negative (↓)Speed
Overall Positive102
Overall Negative-7
Controversy54.5 (0 = most controversial)

What do these numbers mean?

This data that we have collected over time in our database means nothing without interpretation. A relational database, which we are using here, is technology that enables designers of websites and software to compare, contrast, interrogate and infer relations within data. The act of designing a database is not objective but driven by the agency of its creators and owners.

Within the MoCC Collection data is used to help think through the relations between values, commodities and data. Can we describe our values using sliders and numbers? How do we infer meaning such as controversy from data?

Below is a brief explanation of the some calculations and how these help make decisions about what is shown on the site.

  • Controversy Score:
    (Total Positive Values) + (Total Negative Values)

    The closer the value is to zero the more controversial it is in relation to other commodities. Used to infer that values associated with one commodity divide opinion more than another.

  • Average Value Score (used in the sliders):
    (Total Positive for Value + Total Negative for Value) ÷ Total Times Valued

    Used to infer a collective value associated with a commodity.

How do you value this commodity?

To add your own values click VALUE THIS COMMODITY and move the sliders left and right to add your own values - then click SUBMIT
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Questions and answers

Help to reveal unknown quantities, properties and uses of this commodity by answering this MoCC curator's questions.

There are no questions.


Do you have questions about how this commodity is valued? Or want to talk about your own values in relation to it? Share your comments.

Oak Tree. - Poem by Bernard Shaw

I took an acorn and put it in a pot.
I then covered it with earth, not a lot.
Great pleasure was mine watching it grow.
The first budding green came ever so slow.
I watered my plant twice a week
I knew I would transplant it down by the creek.
One day it will be a giant oak,
To shield me from the sun a sheltering cloak.
Lovers will carve their initials in the bark,
An arrow through a heart they will leave their mark.
It will shelter those caught in a fine summers rain,
Under its leafy bows joy will be again.
Creatures of the wilds will claim it for their own,
Squirrels will reside here in their own home.
Birds will build nests and raise their young,
They will sing melodies a chorus well sung.
Under it’s branches grass will grow,
Here and there a wild flower it’s head will show.
My oak tree for hundreds of years will live.
Perhaps the most important thing I had to give.

- am I a romantic? Should I be?

by LizzieH on August 26th at 8:44pm

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