What was the last thing you did ‘in nature’?


Brilliant question, this really got me thinking!

I suppose the last time I set out with the active intention to go and explore ‘nature’ was when I went on a dowsing walk between Royston and Bury St. Edmunds, near the Suffolk Cambridge border. Dowsing refers to using a pendulum or rods (although you can practice deviceless dowsing), to find hidden water, metals, ores or even spiritual energy, without the use of scientific apparatus. I was experimenting with dowsing as part of a project about travelling the St. Michael’s ley line but I wasn’t any good at it! My aim for going ‘into nature’ was to link dowsing to therapeutic landscape practices and part of the whole tradition of seeing nature as a healthy, peaceful place to unwind. However, some people say dowsing is a form of divination so perhaps I was misusing nature!?

What I’m trying to get at is that my answer will change depending on what you define, or think, nature is! Is it rural landscapes? Is it the outside? Is it the environment? Is it ‘natural’ behaviour? Is it all landscapes? Is it everything? If it isn’t everything why isn’t it!? Is there a ‘culture’ that is separate from ‘nature’, a natural and an unnatural? Can we ask what was the last unnatural thing I did? Or the last cultural thing I did? Perhaps my answer of dowsing would be the same?


I would say the last thing I did in nature was sit at my desk and write this answer!! (hoho!) What about you??

If you’re interested in exploring the idea of there not being a separate nature ‘out there’, or you just think I’m really confusing, take a look at this really awesome Buzzfeed DIY article ’32 Awesome Things To Make With Nature’ article, it might make some of these abstract ideas make more sense, it might not, but you’ll still end up with some super cool decorations! I’ll personally be making the paint-dipped pine cone garland for my birthday! https://www.buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/nature-crafts-rock?utm_term=.adKkydEyQ#.le9X0ZM0r

Hope this helps!!

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by LizzieH on August 26th at 4:09pm
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