Can nature be a commodity in its own sense?


Brilliant question!

This is going to be one that lots of people are going to have lots of opinions on so I’m going to use this post to stem some ideas that we can continue over in the comments section!

The God that is google defines a commodity as ‘a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee’
OR ‘a useful or valuable thing’.
This article by The Economist gets into a bit more of the nitty gritty of the idea of a commodity and approaches it from various perspectives, take a look!

Now it really depends on how you sit on that definition of a commodity in how you answer the question, alongside what you believe the value of nature is? Do you consider nature to only have business value, or intrinsic value? Or do you sit somewhere along the long continuum that muddles loads of different perspectives together
Check this article out by the Huffington post if you need something to get your brain clogs whirling Finally, it also depends on how you define nature – check out the other questions on this page if you want to have a little dig around this idea.

Considering all these things, we could end up with a relatively simple yes or no answer, or lead ourselves down some metaphysical path without any breadcrumbs!

I take nature to be ‘everywhere’ and not ‘separate’ and to have intrinsic value beyond it’s market value, and I ended my thought process at ‘can happiness exist or is a state of mind’. If you find yourself down a similar road to me – check out Jean Baudrillard’s concept of ‘the simulacra’ and see what you think

Or alternatively if you’re spinning into some next level existential crisis check out these nature comics (ahhh much better)

So I’d answer with the rather unhelpful phrase ‘what do you think?’
(I’d also recommend you check out the other questions on this page!)


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