Lego Lost at Sea Dragon

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Has anyone else found any of the Lego Lost at Sea pieces from the 1997 spill?


Hi Delia!

That is brilliant! Hopefully some more undercover Lego finders will surface through this website and the other social media channels.


by MoCCconsultant on May 21st at 10:58am

Hello Alice- thank you! I know Tracey very well :-) She and I were in Exeter last week ( with our Lego!) to take part in the MoCC project - we thought we would add a LLAS dragon to the collection ouselves and see if any additional & previously unreported finds are unearthed. Best wishes, Delia Webb.

by Delia Webb on May 21st at 10:33am


My name is Alice and I’m your commodity consultant for today.

Sadly I have never found a piece of Lego from the 1997 spill (I wish!).

However, there a number of places which you can find out who has.

Lots of people who have found pieces have been getting in touch with Tracey Williams who has started a Facebook page to record all the findings.

Source: Lego Lost at Sea

There is also a great map on the BBC website which shows some of the location the Lego has been found.

Source: Mapped: The beaches where Lego washes up

by MoCCconsultant on May 21st at 10:08am
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