Could anybody help me put him back in the public eye? If so please can you contact me.


Hello, we’re Gabrielle and Lizzie and we’re your commodity consultants for today.

What an exciting creature. We were very intrigued as to whether this was the real-life Gus?

We’ve been doing some research and some thinking we’ve come up with the following ideas to get this rabbit back into the headlights…
1.) Have a bunny re-vamp
- First thing’s first Gus- have a bit of a wash and have some more fluff injected to perk you up (see here for some top makeup tips- Morton (2015) looked at the disciplining of the ageing body and the use of cosmetic practices in the South West which may be of use to you (see here-
- Secondly, have you ever thought about a career in the bear factory style industry? Toothless from ‘How to Train your Dragon’ has been hugely popular at the Bear Factory ( Gus could so easily do the same, especially because the market who are familiar with him are going to be in the parent demographics. They have the opportunity to re-live their childhood through purchasing and encouraging his consumption.

2.) Get some great PR work behind you
- We know how successful Gus was at the time, so we think he has great potential for a PR revamp. Butlins offers a “productive, safe and fun working environment”- as one former employee states; “When I started at Butlins, I couldn’t swim, whereas now I am a fully qualified lifeguard” (source: As Morton (2015)’s paper points out in the above section, hydration and great water consumption does wanders for the ageing process.
- We also thought there was the huge potential to remarket the catchy Gus Honeybun song- how about re-making the video today? We are expecting a warmer than average summer according to the Express so what a perfect time for video filming!! (source:
- Gus and Sooty? We’ve been really impressed by his success and didn’t realise he was up there with sooty so perhaps he could co-produce a new number with our other favourite orange creature?

3.) Come up with a story- what about a Gertrude Honeybun?
- In 1992 Gus was reunited with his family. What about doing a 20 years on comeback? Potentially introducing a Gertrude Honeybun and family?? Maybe there was a bun in the oven?

We hop you enjoyed this answer as much as we enjoyed writing it! And we think Gus has great potential for a comeback- he won’t just be some bunny that you used to know!

by MoCCconsultantGabrielle on May 21st at 4:51pm
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