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Does everyone struggle with the feeling that you might reveal too much in your choice of commodity?


Hi there!

My name is Jenny and I am a Commodity Consultant for MOCC.

This is a really interesting question. Many people actually choose to use their things as a display of self-expression and who they are, especially things like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and makeup. But like you were saying, there are those who feel they may be revealing too much about themselves through their collection of their personal commodities. But I believe it would be wrong to assume someone has a particular characteristic or trait based on the commodities they own or use to express their personal views with. This is not to say, however, that people do not do this.
This is a big, crontradictory question which evolves around a similar basis as 'don't judge a book by it's cover'. For example - if I have blonde hair, are people more likely to think I am less intelligent? If I wear yoga pants, do people assume I am fitter? If I wear a lot of black and heavy make-up, do people think I am a goth or sad?
Stereotypes change from place to place, from culture to culture, and from era to era, everchanging, but can we ever really know what people think when they see us, with our commodities?
For me, I like wearing and having fun things which make me happy, and hopefully this shows people that I am a happy person, but who knows!

I hope you have found this insightful,

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by MoCCconsultant on May 14th at 11:08am

I guess for somebody who isn't into sharing their childrens' eating habits on Facebook this can be a bit like stepping up to the mic.
I reallylike how this project invites all sorts of imaginative speculation whilst being discreet. I also think it a great idea to use objects as a catalyst for communication.
After all some suggest that we live in the anthropocene, the age were we produce so much shit that it will add up to a geological layer, and it's worth probing our place in it.
Do you give out presents in the spirit of postmodern irony?

by scharfrichter on April 28th at 7:41am
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