Gay’s Creamery clotted cream ice-cream.

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Tell me about your dream ice-cream.


Oh man, could you have asked a more difficult question!!

I think the BEST ice-cream I’ve ever had has to be a blackcurrant and clotted cream ice-cream from Buckingham Palace last year (it’s deliciousness may have stemmed from the 20,000 steps I did that day and the heat but it stands none the same!) Although, considering that’s a rather difficult dessert to get a hold of, and ice-cream braggers are up there with the worst kinds of people, I’d say my favourite supermarket ice cream is Pecan Praline by Häagen-Dazs although I have no self control and will eat the whole tub so limit my consumption to special occasions (birthdays, essay deadlines, Fridays, sunny days, wet days, normal days….)

My DREAM ice-cream is another matter. I kid you not I prepped for this question by drawing a full blown COLOURED picture – I take my ice-cream seriously. Three scopes, two chocolate and hazelnut gelato and one ‘crema’, a sort of custard/cream flavour. White chocolate and milk chocolate warm sauce, with Ferrero Rocher on top of a warm Belgium waffle (is that cheating?)

And if all this talk about ice-cream has made you hungry, take a look of this ranked list of the WORST ice-cream flavours of ALL-TIME to snap you out of it! Garlic, horseradish, lobster, and COLD SWEAT did it for me, yuk!


by LizzieH on August 27th at 4:23pm
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