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How should cows be paid for their work?


Oooh what an interesting question!

Many would argue that it might be best if we didn’t milk cows at all, considering they can’t give their consent and it may sometimes be painful for them, and to ‘let cows be cows’, for more on this opinion, read this excellent thought piece -

However, if you’re of the belief that cows should be paid for their work apparently cows really like apples, who’d have thought it! ( if you really want to gain a cow’s affection you could even treat your cows to some home baked rolls – hand-fed of course! Also brush, brush, brush… seems to be the quickest way to any critters heart! If they stretch their necks out and give you a lil lick it’s a sure sign your paying them in love is doing the trick! Lots of rest should do the trick too, only milking cows once or twice a day is considered the most ethical

These cows certainly how an opinion on the matter!!!

Hope this sparks some thoughts!


by LizzieH on August 27th at 4:50pm
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