how much pleasure can a battery bring to ones life? does this rating depend on the item requiring the battery?


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What an interesting question- I've been doing some research and thinking about batteries and how/to what degree they provide pleasure...

A bit of battery background to begin...
A battery is something that changes chemical energy into electricity; a place to store energy basically (to find out more, there’s some excellent and easy to understand diagrams here… Having done some research, I would certainly say that batteries bring a huge amount of pleasure to one’s life, but pleasure is definitely an individual judgement!

First, let’s start with the typical kind of battery used in the house. The “most compact and reliable source of energy” according to TechnoFAQ (source: In the typical house setting, there’s disposable batteries everywere; from television remotes to play-stations to children’s toys. Just think about the amount that batteries are the desperately searched for object at Christmas! As a child, playing tamagotchi’s in the playground were certainly all the rage. It brings pleasure to entertain one’s life. They provide pleasure for all different kinds of household entertainment- for everything from relaxation to excitement. Though perhaps the many weighing scales that are battery powered (like these- don’t bring quite so much pleasure in the post-christmas or mid-exam chocolate filled period!

Batteries also offer a different kind of ‘pleasure’ with regard to convenience. Car batteries allow us to progress and get places fast. RAC claim it would take six hours of heavy cycling on a bicycle generator to charge a dead car battery (there’s a great diagram here- So, batteries for things like cars and even emergency service vehicles certainly bring lots of leg, energy and time-saving pleasure!

Batteries can also be life-saving, a different kind, but probably the most important kind of ‘pleasure’! Pacemakers and defibrillators both contain batteries which are responsible for correcting any potentially fatal heart rhythms or beats (source: But they’re batteries that only last for 5-10 years (source: before their ‘pleasure’ runs out. It’s a kind of pleasure that’s not only determined by its use, but also by time. Batteries in pace-makers and defibrillators might also limit your ability to use a microwave though (you can read more about the risks here- So I suppose it depends on what you measure pleasure by, in terms of time, convenience or deeper life.

Maybe batteries also bring pleasure to our futures- a really fascinating Daily Mail article popped up whilst I was researching this about how Toyota are developing a battery to bring down the cost of electric and hybrid cars. It’s a definite potential ‘pleasure’ for our planet in reducing environmental strain and huge carbon emissions from fossil-fuel cars. (source and original article:

So yes, batteries do bring all different kinds of pleasure, and it’s a pleasure that depends on what you desire. They have the potential to save lives, to offer relaxation and to make our lives more convenient. It just depends on what you want and how you value pleasure!
Though, what happens if you misuse a battery? If you ingest its acid? It’s a potential medical emergency (see here- Probably not quite an activity or pleasure-creating commodity.

So it not only depends on what you want and how you value pleasure, but ultimately, on what you do with the battery…

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