What do you think about cloning?


Oooh what a thought provoking question,

I’m no expert in this area but I can give you my honest opinions!

The topic that often provokes the most debate is human cloning, after all we already possess much of the technology needed to clone humans – think Dolly the sheep- so why don’t we!? (https://greengarageblog.org/16-important-pros-and-cons-of-cloning-humans). I think I’m with most mainstream scientists when I say that I’m personally against attempts at reproductive human cloning due to the risks it presents. The argument I found most persuasive in this respect was that there’s a fear that human cloning would be cruel, because the process could result in a large number of miscarriages and deformities before a human could be successfully cloned – it took a massive 272 attempts to create Dolly. Also, even if a successful human could be cloned there’s no guarantee of ongoing good health and the idea of cloning dead people and seeking eternal life makes my head spin (and gives me a large dose of the hebe jebes *shudders*). Other reasons for banning human cloning include fears that cloning humans will lead to “designer babies” with genetic traits selected by their parents, or a black market for embryos, and the creation of a “genetic underclass”. You can read more about these arguments in this fabulous article by Jane Perrone here, https://www.theguardian.com/science/2001/aug/07/genetics.theissuesexplained

Personally, I think there are definitely some strong reasons as to why cloning should be considered. Cloned donor organs could eradicate genetic disease.  It could also aid in faster recovery from traumatic injuries. For people who became quadriplegic due to horrific traffic accidents and professional athletes who tore their ACLs, recovery time could be long or it is even impossible for them to get back to their original state. However, cloning their own cells can lower recovery time and true healing could occur.

I think the question that stumps me the most with this debate is whether we should assess the pros and cons of cloning in terms of individual or societal benefits, or is it possible to look at both simultaneously?

Certainly a controversial question that provokes discussion! I’m looking forward to reading the comments!


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