Dartmoor Pony Skin Rucksack

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Why do we not recycle our pets ?


There are taxidermists who will stuff dead pets, but people often return them and ask for their money back because the stuffings don't capture their pet's personality. This is high risk taxidermy.

by ian on May 18th at 9:53am

Apart from the fact that Dartmoor Ponys aren't anybody's pet really, why do so many people seem be inclined to pay more money to donkeys than to children in need or the homeless?
I would argue that as a culture we have largely managed to disconnect ourselves from the effects of our very being, in an ongoing effort to sanitise the violence we are inflicting on the many other the species around us, just by being consumers. It's the old human condition that what is out of sight is out of mind. The sentimental aggression of some animal lovers is simply part of that disconnection. I am all for avoiding meat and keeping animals well, but I am not sure what's the filthier habit, buying cheap meat at Tesco's or a shiny 4K TV for the hell of it.

by scharfrichter on April 28th at 6:13am

Probably because we would be constantly reminded of our loss by whatever we recycled them into. Also, people are freaked out about the trappings of deaths and find remains uncanny. They get around this by disassociating meat and everyday animal products from the living animals they came from. Perhaps to be reminded instead of the happy life of the pet would be a good attitude, and it could be deemed to honour the animal to make good and mindful use of its parts.

by dcarpenter on April 25th at 2:20pm
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