do you have a special or a favourite hat?


Hello my name is Lizzie, I’m your commodity consultant for today.

My favourite hat it this one here -

It is a knitted cream hat with, what I have always thought of, a polar bear on it. I bought it from River Island around six or so years ago for around £12.99 with my friend who bought a black knitted one with a neon pink heart and bunny ears. It may not look like much and I'm certainly to old to be wearing it now. It is my favourite hat as I have lots of memories of snow days from school in it and wore it to Tar Barrels whilst at University (

Is this your favourite hat?
Your hat has really intrigued me so I have done some research on the red ostrich quills and here is what I found...

Here is a video on how to colour feathers -

Also here is a video on how to curl ostrich feathers into interesting shapes for fancy hats like your own -

I've also found a link that tells you some information about ostrich feathers, I found it particularly interesting how you could tell whether your feather came from a male or a female ostrich based on its shape -

Thank you for your excellent question,


by MoCCconsultantLizzie on May 21st at 10:47am
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