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How long were these chickens alive for before they died?


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My name is Jenny and I am a Commodity Consultant for MOCC.

Broilers used in intensive systems are of strains that have been bred to be very fast growingin order to gain weight quickly (with typical weight gains of over 50 g per day). Unlike laying hens (kept for egg production) which live for about a year, broilers only live for several
weeks before they are slaughtered. In the EU, the slaughter age ranges from 21 to 170 days(typically around5 to 7 weeks).
In the US - the average slaughter age is 47 days at a weight of 2.6kg.
In the EU –the average slaughter age is 42 days at a weight of 2.5kg.

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by MoCCconsultant on May 22nd at 6:55pm

Via twitter: @MoCCofficial Hi, thanks for your patience, an average commercial chicken would grow between 4-6 weeks. Thanks ^Iain

by Iain @TheCooperative on May 21st at 10:20am

Not long enough in my personal opinion.

by Delia Webb on May 19th at 2:28pm
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