Has a chair ever made you cry?


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My name is Jenny and I am a Commodity Consultant for MOCC.

This is a really interesting question, linking how objects can trigger memories, movements and emotions.

The first time I cried about a chair (or something relating to a chair) is probably thinking of chairs in an exam hall. The uniformity or them in straight lines, each paired with a desk, out in the open for everyone to see everything you do to monitor and check your movements is enough to make anyone squirm - how they expect us to do our best in those conditions, I will never know.
For this example, it evokes enough fear to make me worry about performing to my best ability and remembering everything I have learnt - the chair reminds me, this is my chance to show it. Don't mess it up. It is now or never.

The second thing that comes to mind is recycled furniture. We have many recycled items in our house - my grandmother used to be an antiques broker, and whenever they had enough of their furniture, we always ended up with it squeezed into some corner in our house somewhere. I am lucky in that I am yet to lose my grandparents *toutches wood*, but when I do, seeing the furniture they passed to us is definitely going to evoke beautiful memories of family and happiness in times past, guaranteed to jerk a tear.

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by MoCCconsultant on May 14th at 9:31am

yes a chair has made me cry with laughter when i accidentaly said "sorry" to a chair

by alice on May 13th at 3:16pm

No but a picnic bench did

by charliecoldfield on May 5th at 2:01pm

yes- this is a long story, I can't get into details now- but there were two chairs. and a LOT of heartache. I will keep this in mind, and come back to it, should anyone like to hear of the saga of the crediton chairs

by oyo on April 26th at 11:56pm


by judy on April 25th at 7:44am

Yes. I stood on a chair to get something from a high shelf. The chair leg went through a piece of rotten floor board making a hole big enough that the chair tipped quite drastically and I fell off. Dramatically and painfully.

by tryingtothink... on April 24th at 7:32pm
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