Did your parents tell you you would regret giving up the violin, yet you ignored them?


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My name is Jenny and I am a Commodity Consultant for MOCC.

Personally, I never played the violin, but my mum did.
She started playing and writing her own music at age 6, but when she was 14, she was sent away to care for her grandmother, and her father made her give-up the violin to undertake household duties for her elderly relative.
Her mother before her, Milly - I think her name was, died when my mum was 4. At age 11, Milly was offered a place and a scholarship at Oxford University to study music due to her impecable talents on the piano. They said she could play better than Russ Conway! But her parents would not let her go.
In the history of my family, it was often the parents who prevented their children's dreams of persuing their music talents due to household duties which were deemed more important at the time.

I think it is from this vein that my mother and father always wanted my brother and I to do anything we wanted. My brother is now a successful composer and opera singer, and I myself have sung all the way around the world, won competitions and held 2 Grade 8 qualifications and just aged 18. I also play guitar, ukulele, piano, recorder, tin whistle, drums, saxophone and I am a vocal percussionist, and this all came from the freedom from being able to do anything I wanted in terms of music. However, money was tight so I had to teach myself.

In terms of giving up and regrets, I gave up ballet because I hated it, and I wished I had carried on now - I may have become a little fitter if I had stuck with it!

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by MoCCconsultant on May 14th at 1:15pm
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