Are you trying to learn a musical intstrument?


Hi there!

My name is Jenny and I am a Commodity Consultant for MOCC.

I have always loved music - listening, learning, performing, and even writing it!

My first instrument is my voice; I am a classicaly trained Soprano and currently hold two Grade 8 qualifications, won many competitions, have perfomed internationally and written my own music and arrangements, used all around the country.

I taught myself how to play piano, ukulele and guitar, along with learning to be a vocal percussionist from friends and the internet. If you are looking to learn a musical instrument, but do not have the time to schedule lessons or do not really want to spend a lot of time and money rigidly learning something and just want to play for fun, you can find a lot of information on google, including shords, techniques, and even tutorials on YouTube for your favourite songs - that is how I got started on teaching myself.

There is a lot to be said for music and the way we use it to communicate our feelings about our commodities and what they mean to us;
'With nothing but your T-Shirt on' 'Thinking about the T-Shirt you sleep in' 'I found your hairband on my bedroom floor' - just to name a few lyrics which pop into my head from various popular songs. Music is such a great way to communicate the lives within our things ad to get people thinking beyond the face-value of their favourite items.

I did a project on this for, so check-out where I talk about the singing pacemaker.

I hope you have found this insightful,

Kind regards,


by MoCCconsultant on May 14th at 9:22am

i have been trying to learn the guitar for years. i have never had any lessons but have taught myself enough chords to busk my way around songs that i like. i keep promising myself i will have some actual lessons but i never do. do i need actual lessons i wonder?

by kez on May 11th at 3:19pm
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