Betting shop receipt

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What advice would you give about sharing the winnings between me (the one with the money), Alison (who chose the bet after talking to someone) and the other 3 people in our group at the time who said ‘Yes, let’s do this!’?


Hi Alison, Ian here. Thank you for respecting my cash. We have been in touch with Coral and they have recommended that we 'Go GoldenBalls style, and have a split versus steal debate!' No respect there...

by MoCCinvigilator on May 19th at 1:00pm

This is Alison. I think I should get the money, because I had to decide to listen to the information given by the man in the betting shop and decide whether it was trustworthy. I think this judgement is worth £0.20, although I respect that Ian actually risked the £2 on my decision.

by Alison on May 19th at 12:31pm
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