An empty Bryant and May match box

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does anyone know where they can be purchased?


Hello, my name is Gabrielle and I'm your commodity consultant for today.

I've been doing some research and there's many places you can buy cigarette cards from.

The following links take you to online shops where the cards can be purchased...
As you will see, the prices vary slightly depending on the 'rarity' of the cards, whether they are individual or part of a whole collection, and dependent on what condition they're in. The following condition criteria give you some insight into how the cards are valued and then sold...

Mint: Exactly as issued.
Excellent: Clean back and front, including edges, sharp edges and sharp corners.
Very Good: Clean back and front, may have dirty and softened edges and rounded corners. No creases.
Good: Soiled on back or front. Blemished edges, rounded corners and one crease.
Fair: Creased, dirty or with mount damage to backs and possibly some picture surface missing.
Poor: Badly creased, dirty or with mount damage to backs and surface damage on backs and fronts.

You can also purchase and see the cards 'in person' at public auctions, like this Warick and Warick one, to be held on Wednesday 20th July...

I hope you find the cards that you're looking for!

by MoCCconsultantGabrielle on May 21st at 1:49pm
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